Well for the daring and those with just $138 you can now chance a mod of your old GoPro Hero 3 and 3+ with the Kovacam GP01 Cage mod & 4 C mount lens package.

Kovacam GP01

Right now on eBay you can score a Kovacam GP01 Cage Mod setup for $138 with the following:
Accessories and parts for modification works.
Metal Housing with bonus hotshoe adaptor.
screw drivers for modification works.
4 prime CS lenses.
6mm F1.4
8mm F1.4
12mm F1.4
16mm F1.4
C to CS mount adaptor

The Kovacam GP01 in action:

Kovacam GP01 – GoPro Hero Modification cage kit for Hero 3/3+ with Kovazoom 4-10mm C mount from Kin Yu Cheung on Vimeo.

GoPro Hero 3/3+ modification C mount – Kovacam GP01 – Tun Mun Hong Kong from Kin Yu Cheung on Vimeo.

Kovacam GP01 – tranform your GoPro 3 to be a interchangaeble lens camera! hero 3 and 3 plus from Kin Yu Cheung on Vimeo.

For more: Kovacam, and eBay: Kovacam GP01 Cage Mod

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