That Cinema Skater Dolly was running around at $170 at B&H and then another company called Kamerar has it for $120. It’s the same looking slider rig, same design, same colours, same features, same writing on the truck, just different prices. Well that got me to thinking, I bet there is a knock off similar table top dolly at an even lower price. Good news there is and for around $75 it can be delivered to your door.

The 3 wheeled table top dolly is sold under different names and at different prices but have a look through eBay and snap a unit up. A generic “3 wheel skater dolly” search on eBay reveals there are plenty of similiar table top dollys like those offered from B&H and Kamerar but for a fraction of the cost. Can’t vouch for the quality, but hey if you need a particular shot that a table top dolly can give you then for about $75 delivered to your door you can’t really go wrong.

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