Wang Chung from DSLR News Shooter has been attending BIRTV 2011 and spotted the Chinese made KineRAW s35 2k/HD dual RAW recording prototype camera from Kinefinity. See Wang’s report here. But Kinefinity also have two other cameras in the works, the KineRAW s16 and the KineRAW s8. See below for specs on the three cameras.

KineRAW s35 Camera:
1. Super35mm Sized CMOS Sensor: Record format 2K;
2. Dual RAW Recording: True RAW as CinemaDNG, and also Cineform(tm) RAW to 2.5″ KineMag SSD or Other Compatible SSD/HD;
3. Interchangeable Lens Mounts: PL (Standard), Canon EF, Nikon F, OCT-19 for all of your lens;
4. Monitoring Output : 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p, RGB 8bpc, support third party EVF, LCD and HD monitors by HDMI and dual SDI ports;
5. Color Management: Support 3D LUT look file.

Image Sensor
Super 35mm Sized CMOS sensor
12-bit linear output for True RAW as CinemaDNG, or 10-bit Log90 output for Cineform RAW

Lens Mount
PL Mount as Standard Mount
Interchangeable Lens Mounting System with adjustable Flange-to-Focal Distance

2K@23.976fps, 24fps, 25fps, 30fps
Both uncompressed True RAW as CinemaDNG and GoPro-Cineform ™ RAW

480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p, RGB 8bpc, compatable with third party EVF, LCD and HD monitors.
One HDMI port and Two SDI ports

24-bit depth and 48KHz
3-Pin XLR two channels

Time Code: supports SMPTE LTC Timecode input and output (Master/Slave)
Genlock: SMPTE 274M-2005 Tri-Level Sync signal
Sensor Sync Signal: between two cameras, like for shooting Stereo-3D or multi-camera.

Power Supply
Camera DC Power Input 11 – 26V, maximum typical current draw is 4 amps from 12V.

Size and Weight
Length x Width x Height w/o projections: 312x190x150mm

Weight: 6.2kg

KineRAW s16 Camera:
1. Super16mm Sized CCD Sensor with global shutter ideal for hand held documentary filmmaking and ENG, NO rolling effect.:
2. Full HD Record Format: 1080p@23.976fps, 24fps, 25fps, 30fps:
3. Dual RAW Recording options on reusable media::
1) Uncompressed True RAW frame based CinemaDNG to 2.5″ KineMag ™ SSD, for maximum image quality with recording length of a few minutes per take.:
2) GoPro-Cineform ™ RAW to KineMag ™, or other compatible SSD, or 2.5″ TB HDD for hour plus long takes ideal for interview and event shoots.:
4. Interchangeable Mounts: PL, B4 (with optical compensation), C-mount for all of your lenses. ARRI ™ Standard and bayonet 16mm lenses can be adapted to PL:
5. Monitoring Output up to 1080p with histograms, VU, guide lines, “looks” and zoom. Compatible with third party HDMI EVF and LCD as well as large monitors for on set viewing.:
6. SMPTE Master and Slave for multi camera shooting and 3D mirror rig use. Genlock for sync to external monitors.

KineRAW s8 Camera:
Super8mm Sized CMOS Sensor: Various Record Format as 2.5K, 2K, HD, etc;
True RAW Recording as CinemaDNG to 2.5″ KineMag SSD;
Narrow Camera body allows side-by-side 3D shooting via SMPTE sync
Flexible quick change mounts: D, C, CS mounts

See Kinefinity for more details.

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