We told you earlier the KineRAW S35 Camera from Kinefinity was dropping this month and now it has finally been announced for sale at BIRTV in a three tiered style structure. A bare base model, one with extras, and full blown camera with all the goodies. The first 20 customers to grab a KineRAW S35 camera receive the Kickstarter style rewards as a thank you for having faith in the company and the camera. So in effect it makes for a four tier sale of the camera, but once the first 20 are sold it is back to the main three. The Kinefinity KineMAG 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB SSD’s with SLC Flash have also been announced.

KineRAW S35 Camera Tier Structure For Buying:

The KineRaw S35 base camera price starts from 39,800 yuan which is around USD$6200 give or take a few dollars at the time of print.
Here is a snapshot of the latest currency conversion:

KineRAW S35 Camera Quick Look Features:
1. Super35mm Sized CMOS Sensor: Record format 2K or 1080p, 720p
2. Dual RAW Recording: True RAW as CinemaDNG, and Cineform(tm) RAW, 12bits
3. Interchangeable Mounts: Short FFD KineMount with adapters for various lens mounts
4. 3D LUT: In-camera LUT files as KineLOG/Kine709/KineColor
5. Multi Configurations support multiple workflows: Feature Movie/Documentary/HDTV
6. HDMI & 2xSDI: 1080p/720p, support most third party EVFs and monitors

KineRAW S35 camera Full Details:

Kinefinity KineMAG SSD:

Certified Compatibility: KineMAG™ is born to match KineRAW cameras: it can handle high bandwidth True RAW recording and also both RAW recording. It has different capacities as 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. Bandwidth of 2K True RAW at 24fps is around 90MB/s, so the responding record time would be around 12, 24 and 48 minutes. As of GoPro-Cineform ™ RAW, responding record time might be around 70, 140, 280 minutes.

Reliability and Long life: KineRAW cameras need to write data sequentially to KineMAG™ SSD, and zero tolerable to data error/missing frame over various situation, so it demands KineMAG™ SSD working reliably and long-life. KineMAG™ is built based SLC flash which endures much longer than SSD with MLC flash which often used in cheap SSD.

Industry Standard: KineMAG™ SSD has a standard SATA II interface and so can be downloaded directly using one of your MAC or PC SATA II ports, or with a USB or FireWire to SATA II HDD dock adapter, or other external HDD/SSD case or adapter (You may use Macdrive ™ or freeware HFSexplorer if your workstation run Windows™, since KineMAG™ SSD file system is MAC HFS). This industry standard interface makes working with our cameras quick and easy and saves you the cost of needing special adapters to access the RAW data recorded by camera.

Hit Kinefinity up for more on their KineRAW S35 camera and Kinefinity KineMAG.

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