The newly released Kessler Kwik Rail system comes in two sizes: 42” and 24”, has a weight capacity of 125 lbs, and can be used as a dolly track / or leg supports for the Kessler Shuttle Dolly.

Construction of the rails is of lightweight and durable anodized aluminum.

The Kwik Rail comes with thread protectors to help keep rail threads safe from knocks and damage. A custom hard case is also available to keep the rails protected during travel and storage.

Key feature being that you can now get very long dolly shots without having to plan on issues related to traveling to a shoot with (for example) a 20’ speed rail and the logistics of how to get it on location. Just load up the family vehicle and be on your way.

Kessler Kwik Rail from Kessler Crane on Vimeo.

The Kessler Kwik Rail is custom machined threaded speed rail that can be configured into variable lengths for use with Shuttle Dolly and other speed rail compatible dollies on the market today. What makes Kwik Rail unique is that by eliminating the need for connectors or coupling devices to attach two pieces of rail together we’ve eliminated those unnecessary parts that can get lost and introduce more seams to the dolly rail and instead designed Kwik Rail to have the rails themselves threaded. The integrated Kwik Thread™ design makes the connection between rail sections very secure and incredibly fast, up to four times faster than traditional speed rail – saving time, money and frustration on set.

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