The K-Tek Tripod Mount Case for the iPhone4/4S is a possible solution for turning smartphones into professional camera tools, ready to accept a range of both K-Tek’s video accessories as well as professional tripods.

Regardless of how revolutionary the iPhone is it still handles like a phone. The sleek smart phone has no way to attach to popular camera support tools like tripods, poles, sliders and accessory cages. Hand holding the phone results in shaky shots, and often ties up both hands.

To get around these limitations, K-Tek has designed an elegant solution. The new machined aluminum K-Tek tripod mount case not only looks and feels incredibly cool, it opens up a new world of creative options. Featuring 2 threaded aluminum 1/4×20-mounting points, it easily attaches to many K-Tek tools and allows for both horizontal and vertical mounting.

Made in the USA and honed from a solid block of aluminum, it is machined to be durable and rugged while still maintaining an elegant look, a solid feel and versatile functionality. It’s a great way to enable use of K-Tek’s large family of camera support products such as the Tadpole, Mini-Tadpole and Norbert Sport Junior, for smooth and creative shots that you can’t get just by holding the phone.

K-Tek’s Tadpoles, in various lengths, allow the iPhone to get over crowds, closer to the subject, shooting from above and one-handed steadier shots. Tadpoles have the added versatility of a ball and socket head to help position the iPhone in any direction.

For more options, the Norbert Sport Junior gives you a rugged carrying frame for the iPhone with 2 graphite foam-covered side handles.

The K-Tek Tripod Mount Case is available in black or brushed grey. The Mini Tadpole and Norbert Sport Junior are sold separately.

Please see K-Tek for more information on their solutions for smartphone shooting.

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