K-Tek, announces the all-new Stingray Junior audio bag, made specifically for audio professionals who need a quick setup with a low profile bag for smaller audio mixer/recorders such as the Sound Devices 633 or Zaxcom Maxx. In addition, K-Tek introduces the Stingray Waistbelt, designed to provide comfort and ease of operation for smaller gear packages.


The Stingray Junior incorporates a wealth of features that were suggested and field tested by sound mixers. The solid frame allows the bag to stand on its own, and its built-in kickstand can angle the bag when mixing on a tabletop or when resting the Junior on the ground. Immediate access to all sides is enabled via side pockets that open completely and the bottom trap floor allows for easy set ups, simplified cabling, quick battery swaps and immediate access to the media, with plenty of room to store NP1 batteries or battery cups using the side pockets.

A separate front compartment can expand or close tightly, and is embellished with functional Molle straps. Even with its small footprint of 12.61” x 6.30” x 9.06” and weighing under 3 pounds, the Stingray Junior has room for a BDS, IFB, Camera Hop, multiple NP1s and wireless devices. It comes with a clear rain shield, stealth cover and a shoulder strap.

K-Tek is also premiering the new Stingray waistbelt. Redefining comfort and ease of operation, the Stingray Waist Belt is also designed specifically for smaller gear packages and is an ideal companion for either the Junior or Stingray Small audio bags. An additional inner belt and buckle keeps the waistbelt secure, whether the bag is on or off. The bag is fastened with two carabiners on each side, connecting to the top and bottom of the backside of the audio mixer bag. A single strap loop allows for quick tightening and loosening of all carabiners in one swift motion.

Made of breathable material and padded for comfort, the waist belt is designed for various body types and sizes. It offers plenty of rigging points with multiple Molle Straps and D-Rings for additional accessories.

“Whether I’m recording from the peak of Mount Whitney, on an oil rig in the North Sea or a sit down interview, combining the K-Tek Stingray Junior audio bag and Waistbelt with my Sound Devices 633 keeps my gear safe, compact and tight so the only thing I have to think about is getting great audio.” says Sound Mixer Scott J. Farr, CAS, known for his work on feature films and documentaries.

The Stingray Junior lists at $245 and the Stingray Waistbelt lists at $79. Both are available now.

For further information or to locate a dealer in your area, contact: www.ktekpro.com

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