juicedLink have release three new brackets for mounting DSLR accessories for shooting rig configurations.

Accessory Bracket: Rectangular (DIY101B)

Mount lots of accessories to your camera with this bracket. Various camera mounting options. Mount bracket to top of tripod, or to your 15mm/60mm

juicedLink DIY101

Accessory Bracket: Left Side (DIY102B)

The DIY102 is a bracket solution for run-g-gun videographers, who also do a lot of still work and need direct access to the camera shutter and controls, and want one of their special accessories to have direct access to the camera’s hot-shoe:

juicedLink DIY102

VideoMic Accessory Bracket (DIY107B)

This bracket mounts to the 3/8-16 threaded hole at the bottom rear of the Rode VideoMic, and provides for numerous points for mounting accessories.

juicedLink DIY107

For more info and other products visit juicedLink.

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