Another quick one for you, with the Jolt wireless battery charger system for GoPro cameras.

Jolt Wireless GoPro Charger

Jolt is a wireless charger and battery set for your GoPro Hero3 or Hero3+ or Hero4 Black cameras. You replace your battery inside the GoPro cameras with Jolt batteries (same capacity, size and shooting time). Then simply drop one or more cameras (in or out of the Polycarbonate housing) on the pad and watch them get charged rapidly!

The glowing LED light surrounding the charger tells you if the batteries are charging, or finished charging. The wireless charging receiver is built into the battery so if you want to charge some extra back up Jolt batteries, just toss them on the pad and they charge too by themselves! The LED on the Jolt battery will let you know it’s charging or when the charging is complete. It’s that simple!

For more: Jolt Charger.

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