One of our favourite people we like to see pop up on the old Twitter Stream is none other than @JakobEbert with his booty of daily RED pictures and on set hound dog goodness and gear snaps galore. If you are Google+ inclined then seek out and include Jacob in a warm cuddle circle because he spreads the good word there too. Some people rabbit on with Workshops and with Pro Vs Amateur Blah Blah Blah and some people just get on with it not making any sort of a fuss. For that reason we love seeing Jakob a member of BVK, the German Society Of Cinematographers on Twitter and Google+ and a few other sites on the Interweb because he is a sharing caring chappy, who just does what he does.

Pop your peepers over the drool worthy snapity snaps from Jakob then seek the little bugger out and befriend him, you will be glad that you do.

Go seek out Jakob Ebert.

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