Andyax asks the question do you need a jib or a crane in your filmmaking arsenal?

The jib we are testing is called iFootage Minicrane M1-III. It’s easy to take apart, and it get’s quite small. In addition it’s light weighted and solid due to the carbon fiber. The 2,17m long jib will make your camera move from 3 metres heights (depending on the tripod you are using) and it got several features to do creative shots. The price is $499 which is a great price compared to other similar equipment.

In addition you would need a really strong tripod. In this video we are testing the iFootage Wild Bull Tripod T7 which is very strong/solid and light weighted. It costs $539.

The only thing you don’t get with the jib is counterweights. iFootage sells a water bag you can use as a counterweight, but since I already had some weight laying, I added a couple of 2,5kilo weights which is enough to carry my GH4 and Sigma 18-35mm lens.

So, is this something you should buy? I think it depends on your budget. After testing it out for a couple of weeks, this was my conclusion: You don’t need a jib/crane to make great movies, but it really gives you those unique and good looking shots that is almost impossible to make with other types of gear. The iFootage Minicrane M1 mark iii is great compared to it’s relatively low price. You would need some practice to operate it because it’s quite sensitive to movements, even though you tighten the resistance. You need to be steady, and if you are panning and tilting manually, be sure to buy a really good tripod head.

As a conclusion, if your dream is to become a cinematographer one day, save some money and buy this thing. Because you would definitely learn new and professional ways of operating the camera.

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