A little 4k iPhone testing from James John…

iPhone 6S 4K Video Test Film | James John from James John on Vimeo.

iPhone 6S 4K Video test. by James John from www.JamesJohnMedia.com

While on a location scout in Berkshire I did an iPhone 6s 4K Video test and edited a short film from the footage.
This was filmed using the Filmic Pro iPhone app to be able to have manual settings over the iPhone's camera.

I filmed this at:
4K resolution 3840 x 2160
24 FPS (Frames Per Second)
1/48 Shutter Speed
26 ISO (This was the lowest setting Filmic could give me)
150 Mpbps Bitrate.

I colour graded the footage using FilmConvert.

The iPhone 6s 4K Video is a cool feature on the iPhone, but there are some issues; When filming in daylight you need an ND filter as even with manual control over the camera settings at the lowest ISO you will have to set the shutter speed very high to get correct exposure.
The Filmic Pro app gives also give you manual focus settings using as well as manual white balance, manual exposure and different bitrate settings.
This app is a great tool and a must have for iPhone 6s 4K Film Making.

I edited the footage using Sony vegas and had a lot of issues. Vegas would not create proxies for a few of the video clips and just giving errors and crashing my session, after a lot of work arounds I got it to work, only to render and view a black screen on where all the 4k footage should be.
If I set my preview screen to "preview" the footage showed fine, but when set to "Best" I had a black screen, even if the project was paused.
Somehow it worked on a 2nd render and gave me the video you have just watched.

So would I use an iPhone 6s for 4K Video film making? I will say no as a standard phone, but yes if I had an ND filter, a wider lens and a closer lens and also when only using in with the Filmic Pro app.

I've also done a iPhone 6s 4K low light video test, The iPhone 6s gives very noisy video in low light.

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