Using the Igus hybrid roller bearings as the heart of the units Invicta Sliders are a professional compact and portable camera dolly system, which allows you to achieve a smooth, linear tracking movement. Invicta Sliders gives filmmakers the tools they need to create professional, slow, and steady cinematic movements. Invicta Sliders come in 26”, 36” and 46” lengths. Check how the Invicta Sliders are made video.

Typical roller bearing systems (as featured in competing products) use grease filled noisy metal ball bearings or bearings that require retinue maintenance and re-­‐ adjusting. This style of bearings are very prone to be affected by dust, dirt, grit, lint, and moisture which can significantly affect their performance, and limit the number of environments that they can reliably be used in. In comparison, our sliders run on four self-­‐lubricating, dry running roller bearings and liners. So you can spend more time shooting and less time working.

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