S-Films Cinematographer and Director Simon McComb explores the Canon 5D MKIV camera’s slow motion capabilities.

Canon 5DMK4 100fps slow motion test from S Films on Vimeo.

This camera test was conducted using a Canon 5DMK4 and a 300mm F4 'L' Lens. The camera was set to shutter speed priority at 1/100 with auto white balance. The footage was recorded in ALL-I HD 1280X 720.

21.GB of 100fps Footage was filmed on a full battery which lasted 1 hour 25 minutes.

Even though the camera doesn't record 100fps in full HD or 4K the quality of the image is surprisingly good and perfectly suitable for web based content.

Filmed at St Agnes beach, Cornwall, the un-graded film was edited in Final Cut Pro with a soundtrack from the free music archive by Chris Zabriskie.

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