AbelCine do their best to answer the question “what makes a lens a Cinema Lens”.

Most cinema cameras today can work with both lenses designed for cinema use as well as those designed for still photography.

The differences can still be a bit unclear to many of us, so we teamed up with Snehal Patel from Carl Zeiss to put together this video describing the main differences. In the video we cover the wide range of Zeiss Cinema Lenses, which feature interchangeable shimmable mounts that allow them to work with just about every camera. We also demonstrate how to shim a lens, and what that means.

The Zeiss cinema lenses also have full frame coverage, and we give a demonstration of what that means as well. And finally we discuss what make a lens a ‘super speed’ lens and what that looks like. Watch the video above to see what we are talking about.

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