More NAB gear announcements this time from Innovision Optics and their new Spintec Rain deflectors for DSLR cameras. Not just any old rain slick the Innovision Spintec an electro-mechanical device that spins 3000 times per minute dispersing rain drops away from the lens leaving you to shoot clean vision.

Spintec Rain Deflectors for DSLR Cameras

The Spintec demo:

Innovision Adds Spintec Rain Deflectors for HD DSLR cameras

This smart new tool allows for shooting in rain, snow or other heavy water conditions without a gyro effect when panning and tilting.

Spintec deflects rain and snow instantly by spinning a specially designed glass filter 3000 times per minute. Water splashes and raindrops are instantly removed through the centrifugal effect of the spinning filter. A vacuum effect removes any lighter show flakes that are not removed by the centrifugal movement.

The unit easily mounts on professional 75 to 105mm diameter lenses with either internal or external focus. For internal focus lenses the Spintec simply snaps on. External focus lenses are mounted via special brackets attached to standard 15mm rods.

The Spintec operates directly off the camera battery via a 12-volt power supply and draws just 700 amps, under 10 Watts. It can also run off 115V AC.

This revolutionary system has already proven its worth in a multitude of extreme conditions for projects such as the Original Productions series “Deadliest Catch” which airs on The Discovery Channel.

The RD105 kit includes sunshade, power cable and a special camera cover. It is available for rental or sale from Innovision Optics.

See Innovision Optics for more.

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