While you wait for TheNewF camera or that long overdue delivery of the BMCC here is something for you to think about. It’s what someone thought a NewF camera would have been like for them back in the 90’s. Back in 1994 Mitsubishi Electric filed a patent for a voice controlled video camera. The patent was issued in November 1996 but sadly has since expired.

Here is what the future looked like in the mid 90’s:

The voice controlled video camera patent abstract:

A one-piece type video camera comprises a device for taking the image of a subject, a device for collecting the voice and a device for magnetically recording the image and voice, all of which are built in the camera as one piece. The voice collecting device includes a microphone for collecting the voice incoming from the subject and another microphone for collecting the operator’s voice. The operator’s voice is subtracted from the voice incoming from the subject such that only the latter will be recorded. The operator’s voice is utilized in the voice recognition technique so as to control the entire system of the video camera. In a preferred embodiment, the microphones are directional microphones.

Can you imagine being able to control your current video camera with voice commands? Camera… Record 4K output to H.264…. What do you mean NO!!!!

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