Meriç Özadak tests the ImpulZ CineStyle Profile with a Canon EOS M camera.

ImpulZ test with CineStyle profile from Meriç Özadak on Vimeo.

When I bought Visioncolor ImpluZ, I wanted to test it with my Canon EOS M. Footage has taken while I was walking around my home. CineStyle is giving impressive solution on dynamic range and turns EOS M into a beast. If you use a better lens (possible with a lens adaptor for EOS M) and Magic Lantern interface, this mirrorless camera can deal with more expensive DSLR cameras.

Camera: Canon EOS M
Lens: EF-M 18-55mm kit lens
Profile: CineStyle
LUT: ImpulZ LOG_LLP Tetrachrome 400_FC
Render: 16-bit ProRes 422 HQ
Edited and graded on After Effects CS6

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