Visioncolor is bringing out ImpulZ – Analog Color Science for digital Cinema. Oh it’s about 1900 LUT’s is all.


This unique collection of meticulously generated film emulation LUTs brings the subtle beauty of the worlds best analog film stocks to the realm of digital cinematogaphy, photography and color grading. We hand selected some of the most sought after still and motion picture 35mm films to generate color accurate conversions for a large number of digital cameras and color profiles.

Key features:

– available in 3 versions: Basic, Pro & Ultimate
– up to 1900 LUTs
– 16 camera negative emulations
– bonus print film emulations
– up to 4 different output gammas per film stock
– Cineon LOG output
– generic LOG & Rec709 patches + 28 camera/profile calibrations
– entire Vision3 family emulations (50D, 250D, 200T, 500T)
– rare still film emulations (Elite Color & Elite Chrome)
– 5219 film grain in DCI 4k

Visioncolor says ImpulZ is not just any other collection of one-click-make-awesome presets – it’s a complete toolkit to transform the way you’ll approach color grading.

Available June 10 on

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