While there is a rumour swilling that camera maker Ikonoskop have a new backer and are going back into business, we thought it might be the right time to remind some people out there what the little A-Cam dII camera could do.

A-Cam dII

Ikonoskop A-cam dII Test – Water colors

Really sad to see what the compression (uploading to Vimeo) is doing to the footage… I think everyone should get their own A-cam to see the beauty of the raw files for themselves…Resonance Images

Ikonoskop A-cam dII Test – Apples etc.

Videos thanks to Resonance Images:

Ikonoskop A-cam D2 test shoot with Cooke 10-30 T1.5

Video thanks to Doron Tempert:

Coney Island // Ikonoskop A-Cam DII

Video thanks to Jonathan Yi:

Clipper Harleys

Video thanks to Eddy Cardellach:

Before shutting up shop the A-Cam dII Start Kit was going for €8900 back in February.

If you are inspired, and feeling somewhat nostalgic by the look of the Ikonoskop, then why not grab the film version, the A-Cam SP-16.

A bargain for a brand new one going for just $5,999 on eBay.

Ikonoskop A-Cam SP-16

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