ikan have two proof of concept prototypes that they have been playing around with and can be checked out at their NAB booth.

The ikan USB & LANC Remote grips are in prototype phase and a blast to work with. They’re compatible with all 1/4″ mounting methods. These videos have no real audio as I was rushed to produce them (meaning they’re innately flawed but have some notable substance)!

Note: this product is featured at NAB 2012.

Features include:
-3-mode function step button, placed for use with index finger
-focus in, focus out
-Live View on/off
-Record on/off
-Designed to work with our ELEMENTS or camera support of your choosing.

More features to come, including changes in the ergonomics of the design.

LANC Remote Grip for Sony and Canon video cameras:

Proof of concept for our new prototype LANC remote handle. Using the handle as a grip on your rig, you can control some main functions of your Sony or Canon video camera / camcorder.

NOTE: This product will demo at NAB 2012 so be sure to stop by ikan’s booth for a test run!

Super Fancy Functions include:
-two speed variable zoom
-Auto/Manual Focus switching
-Record On/Off
-Power on/off
-ergonomic design
-Designed to integrate with ikan’s ELEMENTS line or camera support of your choice.

See ikan at NAB 2012 or visit the website: ikan.

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