ikan has started a new series for filmmakers titled “The Drawing Board.”

ikan 15mm Rod Horizontal Offset

The series gets its own Vimeo channel and will showcase new and upcoming products from ikan.

“The Drawing Board” will cover a vast range of video production tools, including Camera Rigs and Rig Components, LED Studio and ENG/Field Lights and Light Kits, High Definition Studio and Field Monitors, Teleprompters, Power Solutions, and general Production Tools.

Our first episode covers 2 offset solutions designed for use with 15mm rail systems—the Vertical Offset and the Horizontal Offset. Using a camera rig improves stability and provides mounting options for production accessories, such as on-camera lights, audio solutions, a matte box or follow focus, which utilize rail systems or threaded mounting points.

For more information about The Drawing Board Web Series:
• The Drawing Board: Web Series for Filmmakers The Drawing Board
• ikan Elements ikancorp.com/productfamily.php?id=70

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