ikan put a spotlight on their Red Star Tungsten range of lights.

They go through the RS-F100 & RS-F200 & RS-F350 LED lights in this video…

ikan's Red Star Tungsten RS-F100, RS-F200 & RS-F350 LED Lights from ikan on Vimeo.

With robust features and cutting edge technology, Ikan’s Red Star family of LED Fresnels is sure to make a great addition to any film set.

Designed for tungsten shooting conditions, these Fresnels are 3200 degrees and focusable from a 14-degree spot to a 50-degree flood angle.

Need to run multiple lights? No problem with the Red Stars’ onboard DMX capabilities. Control and monitor both the DMX channel and brightness with an easy-to-read digital display.

A quiet, active cooling system helps draw heat away from the unit so there is no worry of overheating.

The four- and six-inch spherical Fresnels are made of dense, durable glass.

With heavy-duty, solid aluminum construction, Red Stars can withstand the most rugged working conditions.

Cut and shape your light with removable four-leaf barn doors and integrated scrim holder. Easily adjust from high to low brightness with a smooth-action dimming controller.

Going green is a plus with a 2.8 amp draw on the 350 and less than one amp on the 100. Three models offer 450, 650 or 1200 watts of equivalent power output.

These tungsten Fresnels are versatile and perfect for bouncing or reflecting in any lighting scenario. Use one as a background or rim light on a candlelit scene, or the complete set for your three-point lighting needs.

Deliver reliable and consistent performance with the Red Star series from Ikan.

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