The ikan “The Drawing Board” webisodes are proving to be quite popular. Well we can tell they are on this site at least.

ikan iLED6 and iLED312-v2 LED Lights

Anyway ikan are up to number four in their new series, and this one is about on camera lighting solutions.

ikan’s George Tripsas puts the iLED6 and the iLED312-v2 LED lights up for a bit of a run through in this episode of The Drawing Board.

The iLED6 is a powerful and versatile on-camera light with a color temperature of 5600K. It has a high 93 CRI rating, and is a great LED solution for live events such as red carpet events, weddings, concerts, BTS live shows, and interviews. It has inclusive and adjustable barn doors, along with a built-in tungsten gel and diffuser gel. The iLED6 features an easy-to-access rotary knob for 0-100% luminance adjustments and it’s spread can easily be adjusted from spot to flood. The iLED6 includes a Sony “L” series battery and battery charger, a shoe mount and AC power supply.

The second version of our popular 312-series LEDs, the iLED312-v2 is loaded with accessory options and upgrades. A digital readout display and LCD battery life indicator now supplement Dimming and Color Temperature analog controls located on the rear of the fixture. Luminance adjustment settings from 0-100% and color temperatures between 3200K and 5600K are clearly displayed and easily repeatable. The iLED312-v2’s wide-angle beam pattern has a high 82 CRI rating, and it can be diffused and shaped by the detachable Diffusion Filter and Barn Doors. In addition, the iLED312-v2 includes 2 Sony “L” Series DV Batteries, a Dual Battery Charger, Soft Carrying Case, and Ultra-Heavy Duty Shoe Mount.

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