Higher CRI. Brighter Light. Softer Shadows. NEW Lyra Soft Lights from Ikan!


ikan’s lights are designed and built for professional photographers, videographers and cinematographers who want high quality at an affordable price. At the 2016 NAB Show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center April 16-21, Ikan will be releasing the next generation of Ikan’s LED light family – the Lyra LED Soft Lights that bring enhanced features, improved design, as well as upgraded high-quality materials.

With the high CRI LED chips combined with a soft panel, the result is a beautiful, soft wrapping light. What’s unique about a Lyra Soft Light is how it creates a nice, clean shadow. Products in the Lyra line include the Lyra Daylight LED Half x 1 Soft Light (LW5), the Lyra Bi Color LED Half x 1 Soft Light (LB5), the Lyra Bi-Color LED 1 x 1 Soft Light (LB10), and the Lyra Daylight LED 1 x 1 Soft Light (LW10).

ikan LW10

ikan LW5

The new ikan Lyra LED soft lights have high CRI/TLCI chip LEDs paired with a ½ stop soft diffusion panel which gives the light a soft wrapping quality. The brightness of the light is consistent across all color temperatures, whether Bi-color or Daylight, and requires no need for diffusion. The 110 degree wide beam angle also allows for one fixture to light a larger area. The bright soft light gives off a nice clean shadow without any micro shadows, requiring no modification for a smooth and easy setup. The yoke’s strong steel tension knobs can securely lock the light in place at any angle. On the back, the large yellow control knob lets you adjust the light’s brightness, color temperature and DMX channel(s) with just a few simple clicks and the LED readout provides extremely precise measurements for reference. Battery flexibility is guaranteed with (both) AB & V-Mount pro battery plates included. You can also plug in the Lyra Soft Light practically anywhere thanks to its maximum 40-Watts at 0.3 amps. Add to that, Ikan’s reliable barn doors with intensifiers and you can clearly see why Lyra’s Soft Lights are the best value package!

“One of the best parts of NAB is getting a chance to show off new and exciting products on the market such as the Lyra. This light has a higher CRI, great color, and overall just creates a beautiful soft light,” says Barry Garcia Product Manager.

About Ikan

Founded by Kan Yeung in 2005, Houston, Texas-based Ikan Corp designs, manufactures and distributes a variety of award-winning products used in film, video and photographic production worldwide. Starting with the introduction of a single on-camera HD video monitor, the company has kept pace with the ever-accelerating technology curve and, in a number of instances, has been ahead of the curve. Now, in addition to high-quality video monitors, Ikan Corp offers a full range of lighting equipment, camera support rigs, teleprompters, and accessories for both studio and field production. Ikan products are sold through authorized dealers located in more than 50 countries around the world and at www.ikancorp.com. Ikan Corp’s reputation is emblematic of the company’s mission to “build quality products that creative people want and need at a reasonable price,” as well as Yeung’s philosophy “to always put the customers first and take care of them — no matter the situation.”


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