ikan have put up the first product video about their new series of Featherweight LED panels, covering the IFD1024 (Single Color Daylight) & IFB1024 (dual color, variable 3200-5600k) lights.

The ikan IFD1024 & IFB1024 give you all the same great features that have made our ID & IB series so popular, minus all the weight. The Featherweight Series is built with brighter, longer lasting LED bulbs to light your production. They include integrated wireless control with on/off and dimming functions, touch panels and analog control knobs to control the precise amount of brightness, barn doors with integrated barn door intensifiers and gel clips, a 12v DC power supply and a diffuser.

ikan IFD1024 LED Light Panel

ikan IFD1024 & IFB1024 LED lights key points:

About 40% lighter than their ID1000 counterparts
More LEDs for more light
Improved quality of LEDs used on panel
Digital and analog controls for intuitive use by anyone, includes Digital readout LCD display, also
Includes Yoke Mount, Barn Doors with Intensifiers, and Diffuser

For full details about the ikan IFD1024 & IFB1024 LED light panels please see ikan.

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