The filmmaker video series from ikan called The Drawing Board hits number two with two of their camera rigs.

The Hoverfly and The BumbleBee ikan camera rigs

When it comes to small to mid-sized camcorders and DSLR’s, stabilization and smooth camera movements are difficult to achieve with a handheld set-up.

To take your footage to the next level and add professional refinement to your projects, ikan has developed two stabilizing solutions: The Hoverfly and The BumbleBee.

George Tripsas from ikan describes how to assemble and use the Hoverfly and BumbleBee camera rigs.

The Hoverfly is a strong, single-handle shoulder rig that can be adjusted to comfortably fit your body using the rosette system; while the Bumblebee is a simple, handheld stabilizing solution that’s perfect for low sweeping shots.

Both rigs are durable and lightweight, and are perfect for the ENG or documentary style shooter. The H-plate supports small to mid-sized camcorders and has various mounting points for your camera.

Please hit ikan up for more information about their Hoverfly and BumbleBee camera rigs.

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