ikan have been busy little yellow and black bees with screens and resolution and panels and live view and such. WHAT you say…. Well ikan have new monitors with features and prices to satisfy your grubby little mitts and life on location a little sweeter.
Starting with the aptly named ikan D7, it’s a 7″ IPS-based panel viewing in 1280×800 resolution (true 720p). The ikan D series of monitors; the D5, D7, D7W and D9 will be their new flagship line as they phase out their ikan VX series of HDMI & SDI monitors, but will still will be supported.

Brass tacks: The new ikan monitors will come with extremely wide viewing angles, IPS panels that keep blacks crushed with consistent colour, vivid images and clean contrast.

ikan D7 monitor specs:

1280 x 800 IPS panel
Aluminum case with 4 reinforced 1/4 20tpi threads
HDMI loopthru / 3G SDI loopthru
False Colour
Pixel to Pixel
Supported Inputs: 1080p 24, 25, 30, 50, 60p / 720p 30p, 50i, 60i
4 adjustable function buttons and scrolling menu wheel
list price = $1099.99

upgrade hardware for $300 to include Waveform, Vectorscope, and RGB Parade.
ikan will also have an upgrade path from the D7 to their D7W (coming soon). The D7W will list for $1299.99 : If you decide to get the D7 and upgrade later, you can trade in and pay the difference.

Additional features on the ikan D7W monitor will include:

RGB Parade

#Note the production model will have a black anodized aluminum body with etched labels.

ikan D5 and VH8 monitors:

The ikan D5 is the newest and smallest all-digital monitor in their new series lineup, and much of the same specs and abilities found in the ikan D7 are present but with a smaller form factor. Lightweight and still packed with features, the D5 is another example of ikan’s desire to set a new standard with their flagship monitors at competitive prices.

VH8 Specifications are still being finalized, but this is what to expect in this super slim wide-panel:

HDMI Loopthru
Component Loopthru
Composite via BNC connectors
DSLR Scaling
Adjustable Over/Under Luminance warnings
False Colour
Clipping Guide
Colour Temperature Presets
16:9 & 4:3
480 i/p, 576 i/p, 720p, 1080i/p
1024 x 600
viewing angles: 140H, 110v
LCD Brightness = 350NT
operating volts: DC 6-24 v
Pro power options (AB, V Mount- usual stuff)
lots of small battery choices (more usual stuff)

Expect to pay $499.
There will be a ikan Vk5 monitor for an even lower price of$399.

ikan D7W Monitor Pictures:

Please see ikan for more on their new monitors.

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