Fujinon Technology Manager Chuck Lee, gets in and amongst it with the guys over at Craft Truck for their Tech Bites show.

Chuck graciously explains some of the details about some of zoom lenses available from the six that are available with the Fujinon Premier 4k lens range, and he drops some of the big movie names that have been utilizing the Fujinon 4K glass to get the job done.

What we love about this interview apart from the excellent use of big blue Arri outside the window, the microphone placements, the creaky floor, the wrong spelling of the product… and keep this in mind next time you see one of those backslapping nauseously narcissistic numskull nitwit tradeshow interviews such as NAB and the Broadcast Asia ones…

When you get the intro muddled up then just power through and drop the F Bomb when describing your thoughts on the product!!!!

Craft Truck Fujinon 4K Lens

The Fujinon 4k Premiere Zooms are some serious pieces of Glass and Steel. There’s a reason why these things go for $90,000 ea. Cause they’re worth it.

Thanks for the video and the laughs Craft Truck we love and salute you.

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