The Hurricane Wheels brushless gimbal interface allows for the use of hotgears to control the camera on a brushless gimbal camera rig.

Hurricane Wheels brushless gimbal interface

It interfaces with many off-the-shelf RC remote controls and is compatible with most state of the art stabilized brushless gimbal rigs, such as Mövi M10, DigiMove, Swedish Chameleon Newton, Colibri and many more.

Since the Hurricane Wheels RC Interface is connected to the already existing RC (we have tested Spektrum and Graupner so far) switching from handwheel to joystick control (or back) is a matter of flipping a switch. Up to three axis can be controlled with the handwheels.

The gear ratio of the wheels is adjustable electronically, the handwheels are balanced to 0.5 g and run very smooth.

Please see Kids Of All Ages for more information about the Hurricane Wheels brushless gimbal interface.

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