This may surprise you, then again you maybe be hard to please so this may not.

Brand new, XEEN lenses are not as much as they were when they launched not too long ago if you remember.

XEEN Cinema Set

That’s right, the price of a XEEN Lens Set has gone done by about $3,000 and a single XEEN Lens has dropped between $300 and $800.

XEEN 85mm Lens from Samyang

One lot are offering free international shipping and have a single XEEN lens at $1,449.00. So depending on who you go with, it can be up to 50% off for single glass and over 33% off for a set of XEEN lenses. That is on top of what you were expected to pay sticker for.

Feel free to take a look for yourself:

XEEN Lens Set and XEEN Lens

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