Hot Rod Camera the well renowned camera and optical accessories maker have revealed a little of the big things to come from them in 2012. The first quarter of this year is looking like a doozie for Hot Rod Cameras with an office expansion, and taking on interns. In the camera department look out for Hot Rod Camera Sony F3 goodies and then the big one the NikonCine Alexa Mount.

a quick preview of the Hot Rod Cameras NikonCine Alexa Mount features:

– Locks a Nikon lens on to the Arri Alexa with a solid (no rocking) pressure mechanism.

– Allows for any Nikon lens to be mounted at 90-degrees so that the witness mark is in the proper position for a camera assistant and also has a the ability to mount the lens in the traditional manner with the witness mark on top.

– All Nikon lenses (including G-Series) can have the iris adjusted smoothly by way of a lever, and the iris can be locked into position.

– Part of a new line of mounts- all available in black and a grey gunmetal accent color, which is a close (but a bit more reflective) match to the Arri Alexa camera body color.

– The Hot Rod Cameras NikonCine mount for the Sony F3 is coming in February! Available in micro 4/3 and Sony E-mount as a special order item.

The NikonCine Alexa mount is already being used on a major feature project- details and BTS pics coming soon so keep it dialed on Hot Rod Cameras.

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