So you have a collection of glass but don’t have a Tilt/Shift lens. No problems and there is a good chance you can use all of that glass you possess as Tilt/Shift lenses with the help of the HORSEMAN TS-Pro. You can use the HORSEMAN TS-Pro with PL Mount lenses on cameras like the RED. How about using the HORSEMAN TS-Pro on a DSLR or Panasonic AG AF100 series camera? Again no problem.

The HORSEMAN TS-Pro is used via lens mount placed between the camera and the lens. Camera mounts are interchangeable.
One TS-Pro unit can be used on various cameras by adapting camera mounts suitable for camera bodies.
HORSEMAN TS-Pro offers ideal solutions for capturing video with digital and cine cameras as well as digital SLR cameras.

Mounting and playing with the HORSEMAN TS-Pro on a Panasonic AG AF100: In Japanese:

The HORSEMAN TS-Pro is designed to allow using tilt/shift techniques with conventional taking lenses. It supports various lenses for 35mm DSLRs, medium format cameras and M39 mount. When it is used in combination with a still camera lens with a large image circle, it enables the cameraman to utilize tilt/shift techniques with sufficient margins for imaging creativity that was never before possible in video application. *Lenses used for tilt/shift movements must have image circles covering cameras’ image sensor sizes.
The HORSEMAN TS-Pro is designed to control tilt and swing movements as well as lateral shift movements on the front lens standard. The lens and the camera is connected with a flexible bellows, which increases the freedom of lens movements. In addition, it enables you to change magnification ratios for macro imaging easily by taking advantage of bellows flexibility, without moving the tripod.


HORSEMAN TS-Pro Panasonic AF Series



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