HONDO Garage have released a new line of camera support rigs…

New HONDO Garage Rigs

The HONDO Garage Backcountry Rig is a lean, mean, shoulder stabilizer for camera operators who can’t pack a lot of gear. The Backcountry Shoulder Rig can be upgraded to our Really Comfortable Rig with the addition of a few extra pieces. You can also add a pair of front Iris rods and a follow focus.

Backcountry Rig

The new line of HONDO Garage support rigs are designed for use in the Backcountry / Outback and for people who need to travel light.

The Really Comfortable Rig is easy to hold. Articulating rosetted handles let you achieve perfect balance for stable shots and all-day comfort. Like all of our rigs, it’s compact and unobtrusive.

Really Comfortable Rig

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