Welcome again to another installment of Hit The Red Button where we serve up bite sized snack portions of the weekly coming and goings in the camera gear gear world and the social networks that feeds at its teet…. Or is that Tweet. The El Niño Edition is however a slightly longer read due to the following:

We received some correspondence this week congratulating us on running the website from someone by the name of El Niño. The letter reads:

Dear Cinescopophilia
long time reader first time contacting. Love the posts and use them on my own little Blog. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Why so many advertisements.. Just wondering.

Signed El Niño

Well thanks El Niño for taking the time.. We certainly appreciate your little efforts there too.
Snippet of history: Cinescopophilia had an affiliate link once on the site. We were asked to push products. We never collected the money made from it and terminated the deal… We were also approached by a gear maker to run ads for them but they revealed they had never seen the Cinescopophilia Blog… Warning bells could be heard all the way to North America.

Short story and in its simplest form Affiliate Blogging is by definition corrupt.. It needs the Blogger to push only stories and links from the revolving little squares in order for the them to make money… A smart Blogger would mix it up but too many lazy crass Bloggers just push product from a higher command in the food chain.
It leads to blog posts only being written because a link needs to be attached to it with a little group of numbers. So called gear stories and opinions are therefore compromised on so many levels. It is misleading the reader.
Support this site click here it will cost you no extra, and why I bought (insert gear name here) Blogs are miscreant in nature.. Some good there but, yeah sift through. Good luck.
So El Niño a short story even longer Cinescopophilia adopts a don’t pay don’t play approach to sponsors and those flashing signs… They are there for Cinescopophilia and we are not too fussed if they get filled or not because we are proud to run a very cheap cut and paste site.

Hope that answered your question and thanks for asking El Niño… Oh wait I see you attached your CV… Really we do that now… Oh OK I will ensure the next time I film the Queen or another head of State that I give them my CV and get them to look and research beyond Vimeo for my work. Thanks for the tip.

Now back to gear snacks:

  • A floater that will not flush and lost in translation and in tweet streams was the news that Nikon had apparently used Canon and Phantom footage.. Big news was that story was found and claimed as new for days.
  • Not to be outdone Canon had the finger of shame pointed at them.
  • Canon 5D MKIII to pimp or not to pimp that is why I want you to pre-order via me. Well not me…. Does a story even exist without affiliate links?…
  • The jolly old Super Meme of Workshops demanded his subjects kiss his ring but was shamed when one cried out they could see an ass in his new clothes … Tweets were deleted and the community cared less…
  • NAB is going to see lots of new cameras, just don’t expect them to only start with C, N, R.. But maybe a H instead.
  • Real World sounds like a reality TV series and Sony are all over it.
  • Mini big Lenses are all the rage.
  • Get a Denz on your C300.
  • Speaking of Denz, ARRI.
  • Slow motion is the new 3D or 4K or retina display or something.

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