Takes a bow, holds up the award: During the week on the @VisionWrangler Twitter account we received an award for our Blogging efforts… Thank you, thank you we couldn’t have done it without you… The award? Beats us, some random look at me website for traffic hits type of award, but to legitimize the Netbadges Gold Award for Steering the conversation about Canon we have now added it to our bio and will now go forth as Vision Wrangler the Award Winning Blogger. Second place was a Retweet of ours.

Now for some unpleasant news. Two weeks ago I came across a ReTweet that appeared like 2 guys on Twitter were actively engaging in insurgent ambush marketing. A quick look at who the account doing the ReTweet was and the guys having the carefully managed fake conversation answered the concerns. They talked up one microphone brand while playing down the other. Yes indeed the 2 guys are sponsored by one of the microphone companies for workshops and they sort to discredit another microphone company in order to get their followers to trust their workshop backer. This is clearly not acceptable and on the @VisionWrangler account we called BS.
The next few days saw the Canon 5D MKIII released and again it was not just those two workshop wunder bras engaging in ambush marketing but several more higher profile Tweeters. In an almost template tweet many announced that the Canon 5D MKIII was available from storename for a low price, here is the link www.storename.com/canon5dmkiii/hereismyaffiliatenumber/ So again we called BS as this is not on.

Now I don’t mind publicly questioning the motives of these guys and I do it in SubTweets so they know I know and those that care to work it out know. That’s called Hear Say in legal speak. I do however take offense to self titled workshop gurus stalking followers of @VisionWrangler targeting them with libel and lies sending direct messages threatening them for the very acceptable Twitter practice of Retweeting. Don’t cry community on one hand intimidate and threaten the meek with the other. That is unacceptable behavior in any community. You garnered a position of trust not a position of power.
Scammers Gunna Scam and a Scammers Gunna Spam but a self titled Workshop Guru stalking now that is just plain creepy. Good luck in trying to stop me showing up in your timeline as I generate up to 7500 clickthroughs a week and some of those are about your sponsors.

Now for the tasty snack bite sized treats:

  • Allegedly one of the worst promos for a grab at public money.
  • Anova light but this is no ordinary light.
  • Maybe one of the weirdest looking cameras but with a more premium looking price tag
  • Speaking of cameras you see that Black box held together with gaffa then the original popped up in the interview. Somehow heard Chrissy Amphlett sing the Boys in Town lyrics “I must have been desperate”
  • Hollywood music came knocking at your door. OPEN UP!
  • Not to be outdone RED JJ said he had a secret. He has no idea apparently what’s going on.
  • Conan editors proved mushrooms have a sense of humour.
  • There are a few people going around saying they are Matt Box but Letus knows different.
  • Camera knickers were finally nicked. Let us hope the ring is chipped now.
  • Till next week compadres and remember RT often.

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