To some it feels like we have been berated on camera buying choice by Sir Topham Hatt and by others just plain old The Fat Controller. Now it is the same guy, different name, but the same messages are up on the different Blergs. Jibberish asinine pungent dribble is getting chucked up and they are asking us to eat it.
Classic Scaremonger DP moves by denouncing: Don’t buy a Scarlet X camera because it wont make you a better cameraman. The workflow is tragic, the crop factor is horrendous, you wont be able to hire the camera out because Producers will tease you for having the poverty pack RED. Hire the Scarlet don’t buy it, but I will buy it when it looks like being discontinued. The lens height has to sit on the shoulder again but your existing glass will slot straight on it, and the PL mount comes out first so get inline for the EF Mount in 2012. The Scarlet X will cost you a fortune to rig it, kit it, fit it and it weighs too much with a form factor to die for.
Here is a list of accessories to make the RED camera run but please feel free to add to it and support this site by donating some clickthroughs.

Oh wait there is a few more things to fake bitch about: you can’t get enough storage or battery time and heaven forbid the camera is 4k obsolete and whah whah whah friggin cry babies.

Hey remember when they said the best camera is the camera you have with you? Hey remember when the 8mm camera, Super VHS, PD150, the XL-1, Z1, HVX200, a 35mm adaptor, D90, GoPro, 5D MKII, iPhone was the camera to have? We never had any issues, ever. We all had enough accessories, batteries, tapes / storage, and the workflow just kind of happened organically. Didn’t it? There was never any format, never any camera without teething problems. Really, I mean REALLY??!!

So twist that Dali Moustache and wax it up good on the tips because those tips are all you have when it comes to helping make a camera buying decision for scores of shooters.
Tonaci has uploaded the first Scarlet X vision from the first Scarlet off the production floor and now you can make your own mind up to buy or not to buy a RED Scarlet X without the pressure of some guy frapping away complaining about hotel upload speeds telling you what is what.
So do Scarlet flowers do it for you? Or do Wide Boys who are as flash as a rat with a gold tooth do your thinking for you?!! Now if only Tonaci had have reverse shaved a Vimeo.

Red Scarlet X Camera:
Zeiss Super Speed
Color graded in Redcine X Pro (Alchemy)

All shot at 4K – 48th Shutter – 8:1 setting

Full size stills and frame grabs here:

Order your RED Scarlet X camera here, or not. You do your own camera buying due diligence.

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