HDSLR Rig Breakdown By Phil Holland:

Like most shooters out there Phil Holland has collected different pieces of gear from different makers of DSLR and camera equipment over the years.
Check out Phil’s video for a complete breakdown of what he runs with on his DSLR.

HDSLR Cage Rig Breakdown from Phil Holland on Vimeo.

Here is a complete list of what Phil has at his disposal.

-Cage = Easom “Solo” Cage – easom.com
-Follow Focus, dSLR Baseplate, & clamps = V3, dSLR 2.0 – redrockmicro.com
-Follow Focus Gears = FLEXIgears – shoot35.com
-View Finder = zFinder – zacuto.com
-Field Monitor = DP1 Monitor – smallhd.com
-Cine Arm – Noga MG6145CA MG – noga.com
-Slider = Kessler CineSlider – kesslercrane.com
-Tripod Stacker/Riser & 75mm bowl = Filmtools Extension Riser Kit – filmtools.com
-Shoulder Rig Handles/Clamps/Pad = Pro Handles – thecinecity.com
-Microphones = EW100 G3 & ME66/K6 – sennheiserusa.com
-Mic Windscreen = Rycote Softie – rycote.com
-Digital Audio = Zoom H4n – zoom.co.jp
-Lighting = CL-LED600 Lights (Flood Version) – coollights.biz
-Tripod Heads = 503HDV & 701HDV – manfrotto.com
-Tripod = VariZoom VZ-T100AM – varizoom.com
-Gear Cart = R12 Foam Tires – multicart.com

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