This time last year the genesis for a hoax was launched where the originators claimed they could get 4k vision out of a humble Canon 550D camera and were working on other models to get the same result. It of course turned out to be a stunt but we now hear claims by Magic Lantern that they can produce High Dynamic Range or HDR video images out of the 60D the 550D and the 600D Canon cameras. Hoax or real? At least they have a website already, and at least they have video ready to go too. Something the 4k hoax didn’t.
The big reveal will be 22/12/2012 at 22:12 GMT. So will it be true or another horrible Xmas prank? Also think twice before putting in your bid for a 7D hack if it is real.

Demonstration of the new and free High Dynamic Range VIDEO feature for control over ultra contrast situations.
Magic Lantern is a custom firmware add-on for Canon dSLR cameras. It is not a hack, or a modified firmware, but it runs alongside Canon’s own firmware, booting from the card every time you turn the camera on. The only modification to the original firmware is the ability to boot software from the card.

See Magic Lantern for full details.

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