HDMI is still rocking it out but the knives have been out for quite some time. Could 2012 be the year that HDBaseT finally pops HDMI in the back of the head? Well TV One will be displaying the new 1T-CT-651/1T-CT-652 HDMI over Single Cat.5e/Cat.6 system at the ISE 2012 Exhibition being held in Amsterdam on January 31st through February 2nd.

The HDMI over single Cat.5e/Cat.6 System consists of a 1T-CT-651 Transmitter and the 1T-CT-652 Receiver. These units coupled together employ HDMI v1.4 capability and the HDBaseT 3Play technology to allow transmission of uncompressed, 1080p high definition television signals over a single Cat.5e or Cat.6 cable (this is the type of cable typically employed for Ethernet computer networks). HDMI v1.4 signals – including 3D and 4k x 2k formats – are supported, and the system will also allow DVI signal transmission with appropriate DVI to HDMI Cable adapters. In addition, embedded 7.1CH LPCM, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio capability is standard.

The 1T-CT-651/1T-CT-652 system can achieve signal distribution distances of up to 100 meters (325 feet) for uncompressed 1080p signals without signal degradation. Both the Transmitter and Receiver units feature the unique TV One-task locking power connectors to enhance overall system mechanical security.

See TV One for more information.

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