From Sittipong Kongtong

Hawk-C Anamorphic on Epic and GH4 from Sittipong Kongtong on Vimeo.

Just recently after the new firmware of GH4 released version 2.2 allowing the sensor to be ready for 2x anamorphic shoot. So I had pick up some test to see the look of this beautiful lens on GH4. I went to VS Services Co,. Ltd. in Bangkok to test the Hawk-C Anamorphic lenses for GH4. Here we have 35, 50, 75 and 100mm of this set.

It is the very nice lens. I also put the same lens on Epic 5K Anamorphic to see as a reference.

For the GH4 I recorded to Shogun in 10bit 422 ProRes HQ in 3840×2160 and I also recored directly to internal SD card in full resolution of 3328×2496. The real resolution from HDMI to Shogun is 2880×2160. It is because the limitation of 2160p of HDMI.
I used Cine-like D profile for GH4.

For Epic 5K anamorphic I got the resolution of 3296×2700.

I brought those clips from Epic and GH4 to Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 at the full resolution in 2x anamorphic of Epic that is 6592×2700.

No any correction apply to clips of Epic and GH4. I exported to h.264 at 3840×1573 24p.

The purpose of my test is to see the Hawk C series anamorphic. The only one set in Thailand for now.

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