The Swedish Chameleon SC3 Matte Box has finally come out from behind its prototype shell and is ready for your order. The SC3 Matte Box from Swedish Chameleon fits standard 15mm rods and features a height adjustable swing away design with inbuilt Nun’s Knickers, 3 X rotating 4X4″ filter trays, and that very special rubber sun hood.
Expect to pay around €600 / $781 for the Swedish Chameleon Matte Box.

Swedish Chameleon Matte Box details:
15mm height adjustable rod mount with swing-away
3 fully rotating trays for 4×4″ filters
Light weight
Fixed sun hood (expandable with extra flags)
Integrated Nun’s Knickers

Thank you to SCSTV for the video:

Hit up Swedish Chameleon and see them about their SC3 Matte Box, and check with B&H on their latest prices.

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