A breaking news story that is unfolding, appears to be the sad news that French camera maker Aaton might be going under, or have already gone that way while trying to look for much needed funding investments. Over on CML a short mention from the sites Owner Geoff Boyle simply said “I just heard that Aaton have closed whilst looking for an investor. So so sad”
French Cinematographer Blog AFC are stating that the Dalsa sensor issues has been a major issue in crippling the Aaton company, forcing it into bankruptcy.

UPDATE: We have been contacted by someone that has direct contact with Aaton on commercial and personal levels, and they have revealed it is indeed a bleak outlook for Aaton for the immediate future. It really does look like they need a cash injection in order to continue operating, and to move forward.
2ND UPDATE: Jean-Pierre Beauviala Outlines The Future For Aaton… Read the full email HERE.

So for now you may consider Aaton down but not out.

Aaton Penelope Camera

Aaton was started by a young Eclair engineer Jean-Pierre Beauviala back in 1967 when he was making a film and needed to record both vision and sound at the same time so he invented his own prototype camera which could do what he wanted it to do. Thus Time-Marking / AatonCode was born, as too the birth of a very proud motion picture manufacturer.

From the 1970’s onwards Aaton began knocking out such classic 16mm cameras as the 7, LTR, LTR 54, A-Minima, XTR, X0, XTR Plus, XTR Prod, and the Xterà.
Aaton also made 35mm cameras, such as the 35 I, 35 II, 35 III, and Aaton Penelope.
Recently Aaton moved onto digital cameras and was underway with the Delta Penelope which looked to bring back the cat on the shoulder form factor with a modern twist.

As we find out more information on the apparent closing of Aaton we will update you ASAP.

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