Hague Underslung Pan & Tilt Power Head For Cameras from Hague Camera Supports on Vimeo.

Available now at www.cameragrip.com

The Hague UPH electronic motorized Underslung Pan & Tilt Power Head is suitable for all handheld cameras that weigh less than 2.5kg. The Power Head is fastened from above to an overhead beam or pole and has 3 mounting holes, one having a standard ¼"-20 thread. Having the camera underslung gives much greater tilt movement (360 degrees) this enables the camera to point directly downwards if required. It is ideal for use with the Hague Camcrane K16, Multi Jib K12, & Junior Jib K2. The unit is battery operated with a wired remote control for both pan & tilt, it also has a variable speed control. This unit can also be used with the Camranger and PT Hub combination.


Power Source 4 AA Batteries
Vertical Tilt 360 Degrees
Horizontal Pan 360 Degrees
Approx. Max. Speed- Vertical Tilt 8 Degrees per sec.
Approx. Min. Speed- Vertical Tilt 4 Degrees per sec.
Approx. Max. Speed- Horizontal Pan 8 Degrees per sec.
Approx. Min. Speed- Horizontal Pan 4 Degrees per sec.
Auto Pan Settings Not available
Maximum Camera Weight 2.5kg. (5.5Ib.)
Size 356x240x103mm (14×9.5×4 inches)
Weight (with batteries) 1.7kg. (3.75 lb.)

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