If you happen to go to NAB 2015 then you might just see the OwlDolly GyroSpeed. It will be in the Blackmagic Design Booth.

GyroSpeed OwlDolly

The GyroSpeed has been deigned for the smaller lighter cameras that are available today, such as the BMPCC, and the Sony A7S, and it allows the operator to move the camera like it’s on a Slider, Dolly or Jib.

This one compact tool, can replace all three.


· Internally Routed Wiring.
· Easy to Setup.
· Versatile Camera Movement.
· Compact Design (Fits into a Briefcase or Backpack).
· Two Axes Stabilization.
· Factory Programed and User Programmable.
· 100% Technical Support and Repair.

Supported Cameras:

· Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera BMPCC.
· GH4.
· Sony A7S.
· Cameras up to 5 Pounds.


· Two Crab Clamps.
· Two Sets of Batteries and Charger.
· GyroSpeed.


· Weight Capacity 1-5lbs.
· Arca Swiss Compatible Quick Release.
· Camera Screw ¼(20).
· Li-Po Battery NCR18650PF 2900mAh.
· Size W11.5, by L10.5, by H12-14 Inches, Folded 2.8 inches deep.
· Weight 2 Pounds and 13 Ounces.
· Software requirements, Windows XP or newer, Mac OS, a USB port, and Java.
· Simple BGC Version 2.40b7.

For more: OwlDolly, and their Kickstarter campaign page.

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