Gremsy have introduced the gStabi H6 3-axis gimbal, the lightest and most powerful gimbal in its class for both handheld and aerial applications.

Earlybird Offer – 10% Off. Valid until March 15th… $1975

gStabi H6 3-axis gimbal

Thanks to ultra high encoder resolution/ 0.005 degree and advanced control, gStabi H6 produces amazingly smooth footage on a new level of stability in even the most demanding situations. The built-in stand makes it super portable and compact.

The gStabi H6 is designed to support a wide range of professional cameras and accessories up to 6 lbs.

Package includes:

gStabi H6 system
Built-in Stand
2 x gPower 4S Battery
Battery Charger
Wifi Module
Battery Checker

Key Features:

gMotion Controller, designed and made by Gremsy, based on a 32 bit ARM high speed microprocessor providing fast response and accurate calculation.
Auto Tuning Feature – one touch gains optimal settings
Encoder – Ultra high resolution/0.005 degree
Built-in stand
Simple 5 minutes setup & Balance
Quick release top handle to connect/disconnect handle in seconds
Dual-operator configuration with remote controls (SBUS or SPEKTRUM).
Friendly and intuitive GUI working on multiple platforms: WINDOWS, MACOSX, iOS, Android.
Holds camera and lens combinations up to 6 lbs / 2.72 kgs
Motion control on an ipad apps allows natural pan, tilt and roll.
Cameras supported: DSLRs, A7s, GH4, BMPC, BMCC, C100/C300…

For more: Gremsy.

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