The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosts the launch of the innovative Gripix system of ergonomic accessories made to enhance the user-friendly capabilities of GoPro action cameras. Visitors can see the Gripix lineup at: CES booth 75304 in the Eureka Innovation Hall at the Sands Convention Center.

The new Gripix accessory line for GoPro cameras adds unprecedented functionality, mounting versatility and easy operation. Ideal for both motion and still images, Gripix gives users the ability to instantly start/stop recording, smoothly without a jolt or inhibiting creative image capture. What’s more, Gripix’s quick change camera mount options work together making a GoPro camera so simple to handle that shooters are free to get the shot even during adrenalin-pumping action—with one hand.


At the heart of the system is the Gripix Wi-Fi Trigger Handle that’s ergonomically designed and soft to the touch to maximize handling ease. The professional solution for stable hand-holding and operating tiny GoPros, this pistol grip mount integrates with a full array of Gripix tools, each adding creative advantages to the shooter. Essential to the system is the intuitive Swift-Lock adapter (patent-pending) that offers quick yet secure interchangeability when going from one Gripix mount to the next.

The Gripix Wi-Fi Trigger Handle not only offers ergonomic handling but it also houses GoPro’s own legacy Wi-Fi or new Smart Remote within for a clean and integrated system. The wireless controller neatly nests within the handle via an invisible hinged door. A recessed viewing window reveals the Wi-Fi display screen so all pertinent data is clearly within view. Easy to maintain, the Wi-Fi Trigger Handle may be easily rinsed with fresh water-ready for action on land or sea.

With the GoPro mounted, squeezing the Gripix trigger activates the shutter when it is in still mode or starts/stops filming when the camera is in video mode. Shooters can take advantage of the camera’s 30 fps burst photo mode in full resolution.

The Wi-Fi Trigger Handle is just the start. To go with it, Gripix offers a modular system of versatile camera mounting options to enhance GoPro camera handling from function to function even in the most diverse shooting situations.

Gripix CES

The Low-Pro suitcase grip attachment swiftly locks to the Wi-Fi Trigger Handle for handy positioning low to the ground up to eye level—anywhere your arm can reach. It is the goto accessory for follow-cam style filming that’s popular for skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing—and like the rest of the Gripix system, its waterproof— a real plus for action sports shooters. With the Gripix mounted horizontally in suitcase grip configuration, the controlling button trigger is handily accessible by the forefinger. The Low-Pro’s cold shoe is also a convenient place to mount other standard add-ons like onboard lights, mics, etc.

Gripix CES Show

Extended reach and selfie shots have never been easier than with the Hi-Top adjustable camera pole. The Gripix Wi-Fi Trigger Handle, complete with all of its benefits, is simply fitted at one end of the lightweight telescoping arm while the GoPro mounts on the other end. The camera can be rotated to catch the reverse view, giving the user an added 18” to 25” extended reach—all controlled wirelessly. The Hi-Top may also be set at 0-degrees (straight) or 10-degrees backward, an advantage when the shooter’s arms are extended out to capture a subject and helps eliminate the pole from view when doing selfies.

That’s just the start of this modular system. Coming soon is the Side Grip Cage Attachment that provides a multitude of mounting points for attaching lights or other accessories to the Gripix rigged GoPro camera. And skiers or trekkers will appreciate the Gripix solution for capturing the action in the palm of their hand. More tools to enhance GoPro use on surfboards, cars and other gear will also be added to the Gripix line in 2015.

Built for high action, the Gripix system is as durable as the cameras themselves and works anywhere the camera and remote shoot, in the air or underwater. Constructed of rugged yet lightweight aluminum, ABS and other cutting-edge materials, Gripix is ready to make way for the wildest ride or the smoothest pan.

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