Grass Valley Raises the Bar at NAB with Industry’s First Mainstream 4K/XS-HD Camera/Replay Chain

Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, has selected one of broadcasting’s largest stages, the 2015 NAB Show, to announce the launch of its LDX 4K/6X HD switchable camera, the LDX 86 Universe, in tandem with the K2 Dyno Universe Replay System. This first-of-its-kind system brings 4K and storytelling into the mainstream, enabling any camera or replay position to be set up for regular HD, 4K or extreme-speed acquisition/replay and requiring no additional positions or equipment in order to achieve this flexibility.
Grass Valley LDX 86

“Grass Valley is proud to be able to present this level of innovation that helps our customers tell better stories,” said Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley. “The combination of our LDX 86 Universe/K2 Dyno Universe provides unprecedented levels of creative freedom without requiring enormous additional costs. What once was considered technology only for “specialty” positions, can now be applied to standard replay and camera chains. With the combination of LDX Universe and K2 Dyno Universe, HD camera and replay positions can now become extreme-speed or even 4K positions with access to any shot, from any angle during any production.”

With the LDX Series, Grass Valley is driving pioneering advancements in broadcast camera technology and setting new standards in 4K acquisition. The LDX 86 Universe offers format flexibility with the same high sensitivity and dynamic range performance in all formats, with the same workflow speed. Utilizing Grass Valley’s proprietary Xensium-FT CMOS, this new camera delivers superb picture quality in 4K and extreme-speed; even in difficult “real world” lighting conditions.

The LDX 86 Universe can be used in any camera position where a 1X, 3X or 6X camera is required. This includes the ability to switch the camera from 4K 1X operation to HD 6X extreme-speed operation—providing unprecedented coverage of multiple camera applications all from a single camera. Making it an extremely interesting investment as it matches any operational requests out there today and tomorrow. This is how Grass Valley helps you to maximize utilization while responding to dynamic business demands.

As innovative as the LDX 86 Universe is, by itself, in 4K or 6X modes, it still would be a specialty camera in 4K or 6X modes for most productions. However, with the introduction of K2 Dyno Universe, the power of 4K or 6X acquisition becomes affordable for all camera angles and replay positions. Until now, 4K replay would require double the number of servers, double the rack space and double the number of replay-operators in comparison to HD; this made 4K productions impractical for most events. Now, 6X HD and 4K workflows for all camera and replay positions are possible, using the same number of replay operators and same amount of rack space.

“Before LDX Universe and K2 Dyno Universe, broadcasters didn’t have the ability to unleash the incredible story-telling power of extreme-speed acquisition at every camera angle, nor was 4K acquisition and replay with an equivalent number of camera positions as in HD achievable, technically or economically,” added Cronk. “With LDX Universe and K2 Dyno Universe all of this has changed. Now broadcasters can own an acquisition/replay solution that supports HD, 4K or 6X acquisition without having to change workflows or go over-budget. This introduction serves to democratize extreme-speed and 4K acquisition/replay.”

The K2 Dyno Universe supports HD up to 6X and 4K operation, and offers two sizes, 4RU and 6RU, both fully 6X HD/4K switchable. Each configuration uses the new solid-state shared storage for exceptional performance. System scalability is delivered by connecting multiple systems together over blazing fast 10GigE ShareFlex connectivity.

The introduction of the LDX 86 Universe builds upon the success of Grass Valley’s widely used LDX 86 high-speed camera systems, which include the LDX 86 HiSpeed 3X HD super-slow-motion and LDX XtremeSpeed 6X HD/3X 3G ultra-slow-motion cameras. Other new additions to the LDX 86 Series include the multiformat LDX 86 WorldCam with HD content in 1080i/720p/1080PsF and 1080p with an upgrade path to 4K and the LDX 86 4K camera with an upgrade path to the LDX Universe. More details about these cameras can be found at

To fully support the 4K system, Grass Valley developed a new fiber transmission system, the XCU XF Universe, which utilizes the same XCU cradles as its single-speed range of XCU base stations. Because the XCU’s unique cradle can be premounted and prewired in the rack, it can quickly and easily be transferred between OB vans, studios, or anywhere, which extends its usability. In addition, any existing position can be upgraded to the described level of functionality, by simply sliding an XCU Universe into the existing cradles in the field.

Perhaps the biggest endorsement of Grass Valley’s 4K technology comes from the Mobile TV Group (MTVG) out of Denver, Colorado, where they announced the launch of the first 4K mobile production unit in North America in 2015. MTVG’s mobile unit will include Grass Valley’s 4K camera, Kayenne K-Frame production switcher with 4K capability and Kaleido multiviewers. MTVG’s mobile unit will be on display at the Gerling booth, OE601, and will demonstrate the network-configured LDX 86 4K camera and K2 Dyno Universe combo.

“There is no question that Grass Valley’s development of the 4K three 2/3″ imaging camera system is a major breakthrough that is enabling 4K live sports production,” said Philip Garvin, co-owner and general manager, MTVG. “Grass Valley’s new camera is making our first-of-its-kind truck a reality and producing outstanding image quality for the masses.”

Stop by the Grass Valley booth SL206 at NAB for a demonstration of the LDX 86 Universe/K2 Dyno Universe combo.


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