Graphin announced that it will put on sale soon a 4K-compatible uncompressed digital recording system, dubbed “MACH-REC,” which uses an exchangeable recording medium.


MACH-REC is a 4K-compatible uncompressed digital recording system using an exchangeable recording medium. The write/read performance of a memory magazine (BigMAG) is 6.4 Gbps (800 Mbytes per second) and it is scheduled to improve the speed further. A single MACH-REC system makes it possible to record videos with a 4K camera, a 4K 3D camera and a high-speed camera and to replay them on the 4K display. With a 512-Gbyte memory magazine, the system enables the recording of a 4K Raw12-bit, 60-fps video of about 11 minutes, a 4K RGB24-bit, 30-fps video, etc. It is also possible to connect the system with faster-speed cameras or equipment by using two or more MACH-REC units.

MACH-REC can also cope with standardized signal formats such as Raw and Camera Link by linking I/O units with outer equipment such as cameras and displays. A 10-Gbps I/O unit can be used with optical cables (AOC, 100 meters). MACH-REC also operates on an industrial battery under remote control by an iPad for outdoor video shooting.


Small, lightweight system (scheduled to measure 172 mm wide, 191 mm in diameter and 81 mm high, weighing 2 kg)
Can operate on industrial battery
Supports control by iPad
Outer I/O units available for use with various video interfaces


MACH-REC: to be offered at around $10,000 or less
Memory magazine: TBA for BigMAG 256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB
DVI I/O unit: TBA
HD-SDI I/O unit: TBA
Camera Link input unit: TBA

See Graphin for more details.

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