So you grabbed a hot little Redray player to show off all that RED goodness you have been shooting… Well you should secure yourself an Odemax channel too so everyone else can see your R3D magic.

If you didn’t know, Odemax is a recent graduate of the University of Hell Yes, and has partnered with the REDRAY UHD technology to deliver the most stunning visual experience since the debut of light. Or something like that according to the Odemax blurb.


ODEMAX delivers the only comprehensive distribution platform for 4K movies. Designed to exclusively support the REDRAY Player and CRIMSON Projection systems from RED Digital Cinema, ODEMAX.COM is an all-inclusive environment for home and theatrical delivery of feature films, with built-in digital rights management, sales, marketing and analytics tools. ODEMAX provides filmmakers, production companies and independent distributors, direct channel access to the new cloud enabled REDRAY 4K home players.


Secure your very own Odemax channel HERE.Get your Redray player HERE.

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